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stevedoring services uk - North West Stevedoring

A large percentage of our Group’s stevedoring business is handled by our subsidiary, North West Stevedores Ltd. Frank Armitt is a leading provider of sea freight forwarding in the north west of England and the company handles products at the Port of Garston where it is based but also provides a supervisory service at the Port of Liverpool.


Garston Docks is capable of handling vessels up to approximately 10,000 tonnes with larger vessels needing to arrive on the spring tides; vessels up to approximately 4000 to 5000 tonnes can safely dock on most tides in this port. The port has a long history in handling steel, timber and bulk materials. North West Stevedores Ltd, operates with a nucleus of their own skilled and well trained labour force and sets a high standard of quality handling and ship turn round within the port industry.


There are a wide range of stores at Garston totalling 263,000 square feet with a number of stores having 25 tonne overhead gantry cranes. 90,000 square feet of the storage is in modern, specialised multi purpose stores which are split into 5000, 7500 and 12,500 square feet units. These bulk stores are all internally clad and separated with minimum 3 metre high reinforced concrete bunker walls. With a wealth of experience in sea freight forwarding in the UK combined with a professional and bespoke service, Frank Armitt is the partner of choice for sea freight services. 

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