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Bunkering Services - Marine Fuels & Lubricants

Premium Quality Marine Fuels & Lubricants from A Leading UK Supplier

Mersey Bunkering is a leading supplier of marine fuels and lubricants specialising in bunkering services for the UK and Irish markets. The bunkering business of the Armitt Group evolved in the mid-1970’s from the 1973 oil crisis and the beginning of the withdrawal of the major oil companies from the UK marine market. The business has since gone from strength to strength until the present day, when our independent bunkering services division now has an unrivalled network of local suppliers. 

We can arrange delivery of all grades of marine fuels and lubricants to ports worldwide and we consider ourselves specialists in the UK and Eire market. Our very experienced staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve your needs and new customers are always welcome.
The quality of the products we supply is equally of the utmost importance to ourselves as it is to our customers, and we have extensive technical support where required in case of specialist requirements or technical issues.

No order is too small or too large for us to be able to handle, and we look forward to being able to assist with your requirements with competitive pricing and in most cases a “just-in-time” delivery service if required.


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